At Bone 2B Wild we offer an all breed dog boarding that is all inclusive. Dogs that enjoy socializing are able to do so. We don’t confine your dog to a kennel for the duration of their stay. We believe that dogs are at their happiest and healthiest when they are getting plenty of exercise and socialization, which is why we offer our boarding dogs up to 10 hours of play and walks throughout the day.

In the evening after dinner your dog will spend the night in our climate controlled bungalow with his/hers own blanket, bed and/or toy. We have monitors installed, so we can listen throughout the night. Your dogs safety and well being is very important to us.

All new clients get 10% off any services.

Per 24hrs: $65.00

Pick up after 24hrs day play charge: $45.00

*Medicine during boarding $15 per 7 days.

**$10 off each additional dog

Dog Massage: $15 per 15-minute session


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